Various Talks

Building Delightful Command-Line Apps in Ruby

A lightning talk about how to use Thor to build CLIs in Ruby, which took place at Euruko 2022 in Helsinki. There were roughly 700 attendants, which makes this the largest crowd I've spoken in front of. You can find the recording on YouTube (14:10).


I held this talk at Meister. It describes techniques to add Imgproxy to an existing Rails project.

Git Good with Git

A talk I held at at the Vienna freeCodeCamp meetup. It's a beginner's guide to using Git.

Improving Backend Testing

An internal talk for the backend team at Meister. This one outlines techniques for writing more performant tests in Ruby on Rails applications.

Software Sucks

A talk about the perils of software engineering. This was part of a public speaking course at the Technical University of Vienna.