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A colleague of mine recently said to me: “Hans, you know, you use so much stuff in your terminal. So many tools. Don’t you want to do a talk about it or something at some point, because most of those might be pretty useful?”. That talk never happened. But still, that comment stuck with me.

Terminal Picture

Its true, my terminal looks like a christmas tree. I like plugins and tools, and some of the time they even improve productivity. I felt like sharing my favorite stuff would not be such a bad idea, and instead of a talk I created a web site for it: glumpat.github.io

Warning: I am not a designer, and I would think that shows. Additionally I took a bit of a brutalist approach when creating the site. So maybe shield your eyes or something. :sunglasses:

The name pretty much means stuff in Austrian slang, which I find fitting. It lists my favourite CLI improvements/tools, Vim plugins and links to some other resources that I use to configure and set up my dev machines. It is very much a work in progress, because things like that are never truly done.

Enjoy, and please do let me know if you can recommend more stuff.